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YouTube likes do not come naturally with views and subscribers.

Sure, you might have a subscriber or a user who might just view your video, but they don’t always click on the like button, mainly because they probably don’t like what they saw. 

However, if you buy YouTube likes or buy YouTube USA likes, you will get a nice little interaction there. And you can buy YouTube likes cheap from us that helps increase your YouTube operations as well as your video’s ranking and popularity.  

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Which People Tend To Buy YouTube Likes?

Each and every user who want to effectively promote their YouTube channel and wants to become famous while saving time and effort can benefit from paid YouTube services. If you buy YouTube likes, you will significantly increase your chances of success to become popular or gain profit. 

From the budding YouTuber to celebrities, businesses, and companies, buying YouTube likes can give you that reputable aura and gather a targeted audience in the shortest possible time. 

Why Do You Need To Buy YouTube Likes?

Buying YouTube likes can help your videos ranked higher in search engines. You see, when you upload a video and start getting views without likes or comments, YouTube might think that you use misleading title or thumbnails that trick people into clicking your video. This will give your channel a bad rap. 

In addition, if you buy YouTube likes, you will have this reputation that most people will not question. If your video has enough likes, people will continue watching it. 

In short, in order to convince both real users and YouTube, you will need to have a fresh start of likes on your videos.

What Are The Advantages Of Buying Real YouTube Likes?

Buying YouTube likes is always a great idea. 

The benefits of buying YouTube likes directly translates into increased social presence and reputation as well as a boost of organic growth. It encourages others to check out your video and like it as well. 

Other reasons of why you need to buy real YouTube likes include:

  • More organic likes
  • Improved social credibility
  • Gained fast
  • Improved video visibility
  • Attract more viewers
  • Better reputation
  • Rank better on search engines
  • Safe and secure

How Does Buying YouTube Likes Works On Increasing Engagement?

Buying likes for your YouTube video is quite similar to buying views. However, it does have a different benefit. 

Although having lots of views can tell users that the YouTube video is popular, having a lot of likes on the YouTube videos tell people that the viewers actually enjoyed the video and that they increase engagement. 

And buy YouTube likes does much more than just making your videos look good. It also makes you rank better, show up more often on the suggested videos so you can gain more views and encourage and engaging other users to like the video too. 

Why You Should Buy YouTube Likes From PixelGroovy?

Instant Results

We offer only the fastest delivery of buy YouTube likes you deserve. The moment you place your order of buy YouTube likes and paid for our service, we will begin to process your request and ensure that your order is delivered to you within 24 hours.

Secure Payment and Ordering

You do not have to feel unsecured with paying us. We use the most secure and safe payment systems such as PayPal and even credit card banking for a secure purchasing. In addition, we will never ask for your password or any other login credentials, ensuring that you stay protected and your personal information secured.

Superb Live Support

If you need us, we’re here for you. We always have a team of professionals ready to take your calls or answer your queries regarding our buy YouTube likes through emails and Skype, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

What Are The Factors Do You Need To Have In Mind While Buying YouTube Likes?

Money-Back Guarantee

All top-rated providers will need to offer a guarantee on buy YouTube likes that if they can’t deliver your order, you get a full refund of your purchase. If a service provider does not have this, then you should be suspicious if they can really give you what you pay for.


There are various ways that a provider can give you the YouTube likes you need. However, low-quality providers and scammers mainly used bots or machines which is against the Terms of Service of YouTube. 

Ensure that the provider only provide you with YouTube likes from real YouTube users. Also, ensure that you buy YouTube likes from a wide demographic area sourced from various parts of the world to create a broader audience for your videos.

Buying Likes Cost Money

The pricing differs from one provider to another. Thus, you will need to decide on your budget. Also, do not be fooled into buying cheap YouTube likes pricing rates or even buying relatively pricey services which can quickly turn out to be a scam or a fraud. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, there is no way to see the list of people who liked your videos. But, if you go to a particular channel, they will have this list of videos that they have liked (if they’ve made them public). Other than that, there is no way to see who likes your videos.

Yes. You need to click your username then from the drop-down menus choose, “Video Manager”. Click “edit” next to the video that you want to remove ratings and click the “Advanced Settings” tab. 

From there, uncheck the box “Users can view rating for this video” and save. This automatically removes both ratings and the ability for users to like, dislike or rate your video.  

Just like YouTubers can’t see who likes their videos, there is no way to see who disliked their videos.

Likes on videos can be made public. However, regardless of the settings, the channel owner can always see the country of origin for likes as well as dislikes. Likes, dislikes and even likes and dislikes on comment are always anonymous. 


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