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With YouTube flourishing and more YouTubers suddenly emerging from every corner of the world, it is quite difficult to attract viewers to your YouTube channel and acquire more views for your videos. 

Thus, more and more people are choosing to buy YouTube views in order to boost their fan base and be recognized in the number one video streaming site. Whether you are running a business or an artist who want to make a huge presence on YouTube, Buy YouTube targeted views is the way to go!

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Who Needs To Buy YouTube Views?

The reach and size of YouTube are no less than extraordinary. There are hundreds of millions of YouTube accounts consuming billions of hours of footage per month. And reaching the right audience with your message and videos is quite difficult than you remember. 

Almost all YouTubers from all kinds of niches and industries need to grow their channel— either through hard work or to buy YouTube views. 

Starting out from YouTube beginners that requires an initial lift up to celebrities, famous gamers, and industrial companies that need to stay in the game all need to buy real YouTube views. 

In short, everyone can receive benefits from this tremendous buy YouTube views service

Why You Should Buy Real YouTube Views?

YouTube is one of the largest platforms for vloggers, actors, musicians, businesses and many more. And the ability to broadcast to thousands and millions of people with a simple click of a button makes it a highly valuable tool for building your fanbase. 

Buy YouTube views and your audience will surely grow. If you buy real targeted viewers to view your video, it will earn credibility and will not cause your videos to get flagged, ensuring that your video reaches its full potential. Views will stay for the long term and will not fluctuate or drop over time.  You will attract views from all around the world and reach the popularity you’ve been dreaming of!

How Does Buying YouTube Views Benefit My Channel?

Get a Head start

If you buy real YouTube views, it provides you an initial boost of engagement immediately after uploading a video. It can burst your momentum and help spark other viewers to engage with your channels for the long term.

Enhance Sociability

​People are naturally attracted to contents that have been viewed and shared by others. And if your YouTube views look impressive, people will start showing interest in watching your videos. It has been proven that people click on videos that are watched a number of times.

Higher Rankings

One of the most significant advantages when you buy YouTube views is that it has a tremendous boost on your rankings in SEO. And as the number of views increases, your position in search results also takes one step further.

Would You Really Get Quality YouTube Views?

Purchasing with us? Yes, you will definitely get quality YouTube views!

Buy YouTube views means generating views for videos automatically by either using bots or other authentic methods. Some deliver views through website ads or popunders or through a partnership with social networks. Some even reward or pay users to view your videos.

We make use of various techniques and methods to provide you only the best quality YouTube views on your channel, delivered genuinely by providing real followers who are actually interested in your services and videos.

Why Should You Buy From PixelGroovy?

Instant Delivery

After you’ve made a purchase of buy YouTube views, we will provide instant delivery of the service that you have selected. We highly value your time, thus we process your order within 24 hours.

Quality Service

If you buy YouTube views from us, we ensure your satisfaction. We have immense experience and knowledge of providing only quality YouTube services at an affordable price.

24/7 Support

If you ever need support or have a question to ask on our buy YouTube views service, we have a team of competent and dynamic professionals to provide you technical assistance round the clock. Our team is well-trained and qualified, answering your queries and providing solutions whenever you need it!


Here at PixelGroovy, we will never ask for your password or any other credentials from you! Your date will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone. We value and put the utmost importance to our client’s data security!

Is It Safe To Buy YouTube Views?

Buying YouTube views is always safe as long as you are cautious in choosing the right company. It will not get your channel banned, your videos removed and it is not illegal as some thought.

There are many sites and 3rd party apps which can lure you to buy cheap YouTube views. However, you need to do a bit of research before making a deal with them as they could be potential frauds or hackers. 

Choosing the right company to buy YouTube views or YouTube service provider makes all the difference. 

What Other Types Of YouTube Views Service Do We Have?

In addition to the standard YouTube Views that we offer, we also provide Ad Views where you can buy YouTube ADS views as well as YouTube Targeted Views that ensures targeted users watch your videos, whether your focus is on the demography or the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Do Youtube Views Update?

This usually varies. YouTube views are usually updated every 24 – 48 hours. And your metrics in your account can indicate more views than your video’s current view count on display.

What Counts As A View On Youtube?

The definition of a view on YouTube is when a viewer initiated intentional play of a certain video. Then, YouTube counts a view after a user has watched a video for “about” 30 seconds. 

Can I View My Own Youtube Videos?

Yes, of course! Watching your own video can also count as a view. However, doing it again and again within just a short period of time, will not be counted as a view.

Do Youtube Views Count In Incognito?

Yes, they do. Every time someone watches a video on YouTube, whether in Regular or Incognito mode, it counts as one view.